I just had a wonderful astrological reading for my horse, Marieh, with Samantha Marshall (Davis formerly) and I highly recommend her. She was very efficient, to the point, and available for questions and feedback. She was right on about my horse , confirmed my intuitions and information from her previous owners, and told me helpful things I did not know. She had great suggestions for future relationship growth and ideas on how to handle certain things. It was fun, informative and very well worth the time and money! Thanks Sam! Please contact her at samantha@equiserene.com for your horse’s reading. — Marie

I had my doubts about whether Equine Astrology readings would help me further understand my horse’s tendencies, likes and dislikes but after booking my session with Samantha, my doubts are gone.  Her abilities and knowledge are amazing and she was so right about my horse.  I have gained immeasurable insights on why my horse acts as he does and what I can do to support him or assist him during future learning opportunities.  Booking my session was easy and Samantha is a true professional with a sense of humor.  I gained way more than I ever expected for the small amount paid.  Thanks, Samantha. —Jim

After booking a session with you, I could hardly wait to hear what you would have to say about my three horses and our compatibility.  I only gave you birth dates and times and you have described each of them much better than I could have after years with them.  You validated much I suspected about their learning styles and gave me things to think about when working with them and we seem headed for opposite points of view.  Our time together seem to fly because you had so much to share.   I am a life-long horse owner and trainer but I was enlightened with additional knowledge of ways I can increase harmony with my horses to gain a stronger relationship with each of them as individuals.  I highly recommend your services to anyone that wants more insight on their horse’s temperament from birth and/or how to communicate more effectively with their horse for a more compatible relationship.  This service is a must for any horse owner that wants the best for their horse. —Carolyn

Samantha Marshall did an outstanding astrological reading for my horse, Mariah, several weeks ago.  I was so happy with it that I had her do a reading for compatibility for Mariah and I and our relationship.  Not only was the reading once again very accurate, Samantha was able to offer lots of ideas for how to gain better understanding and a closer connection with my horse.  Differences as well as similarities were discussed and I walked away with a much better feel for my horse and how I can build a stronger relationship with her.  Thank you Sam!— Marie Delmarle, Heavens to Horses, Inc.

I had the great good fortune for Samantha to prepare the charts for both me and my mare Smarty. A wealth of information was found. Explained a lot about our connection and how we best work together. I whole heartedly endorse Samantha and Equine Astrology ~ especially if you are interested in being the best partners you can be with your horse. Thank you Samantha.  — Terri M. Sedalia, Colorado

I cannot recommend an Equine Partner Reading with Samantha strongly enough!!!!! Samantha only knew that I had a horse named Teddy who had once been a race horse. During the course of our reading she shared with me things that she couldn’t possibly have known because I had never shared the information with her AND we live on opposite coasts! I live in Washington state and she lives in Vermont. This didn’t happen just a single time it happened multiple times during the course of the reading! I loved how she was able to confirm some things that I already knew as well as some that I suspected and shared things with me that I didn’t know. Samantha even recommended some reading for me to help with some of my horses discomfort from old injuries he sustained on the racetrack. It was both delightful and insightful and the best part is that she recorded the session so that I can go back and listen to it over and over. Each time I’ve listened to the recording I’ve gotten something more out of it. As I said I would HIGHLY recommend a reading with Samantha for anyone who’d like some insight into their equine partner. — Jennifer, Bellevue WA