Horse Horoscope

Since horses can’t talk, and don’t always make their needs known to us, you will finally have a better understanding of:

  • How they think.
  • What they like and don’t like.
  • What their energy is like, and whether they have an abundance of it.
  • Do they have endurance for long distance or are they a sprinter?
  • Do they like to be in the lead or are they happy to follow?
  • Do they like adventure and new experiences or are they uncomfortable leaving home and their safe environment?
  • Are they sensitive or are they independent and can be aloof at times?
  • Do they love being pampered and groomed or not?
  • I also will give you some health insights that will be helpful with diet and weaknesses so you can keep a watchful eye out for any signs of challenge or pain in the parts of the body that I will point out to you.

You will discover:

  • Whether they need to be learning new things all the time.
  • Are they a quick learner or do they need repetition to get your message?
  • With their training, are short rounds better and play in-between?
  • Or is a long session good with rest and play at the end?
  • Is your horse a healer interested in helping our human herd or would they rather not be bothered and maybe just love getting the praises of show performing? (I had one horse that wanted to help humans but could not deal with heavy grief work because she was too sensitive and took it all in – however she loved working with children. There is an interesting story which was fantastic feedback for me letting me know that my information for the client was totally right on.)

You will learn many new things about your horse that you might never discover on your own. I say that because that has been the response and feedback from the people of all of the horse charts that I have done.

Call or email me to experience the process for yourself, to send me the information and to schedule a time for a phone call making the consultation interactive giving you the opportunity to ask questions.

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I will need the month, day and year of birth, the time is optional and not required.

All readings are recorded and emailed for a download or sent on a hard copy so you can listen again and again.

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For your horse’s “horse-scope” the price is only $75.00, and you get a discounted price of just $50.00 for each additional horse. To order charts for more than three horses, call us for discounts at (949) 439-0100.

Compatibility Reading

This information is very insightful because you will at last know why he/she reacts to you as they do. You will know what kind of a partnership your horse responds best to, does he/she need space at times, do you push one another buttons, are there power struggles between you and mutual respect is required, do you have a telepathic connection and he/she will receive pictures from you or would your horse rather hear your voice, are you able to understand one another easily or is there faulty wiring and you will need to learn new ways of communicating and to work on making sure you are connecting properly, do you both seek solace in the same manner, are you emotionally similar and understand one another’s feelings, will your horse become feisty if you get aggressive or use force with her/him or is he/she overly sensitive and will become upset if you scold are frustrated or harsh. Most importantly is this an inspiring, creative, healing relationship and how you can bring it to higher levels of expression.

For this reading all I need is the month, day, and year of person and horse, times are optional and not required.

Call or email with information and to schedule time for an hour to hour-and-a-half phone call making the consultation interactive giving you the opportunity to ask questions.

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All readings are recorded and emailed to you for a download or sent on a hard copy so you can go over again and again.

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Compatibility reading of you and your horse $200.00 with discounted price of $50.00 for each additional horse.