Straight from the Financial Times:

Horses for courses that gee up working relationships

“Working with horses and a coach is part of the two-week executive training course organized by the London Business School. One purpose is for participants to learn about themselves and the unconscious signals they send to clients or colleagues, or indeed horses. The interest in equine “guided learning” is part of corporate vogue for mindfulness. The business world is realizing the importance of right brain thinking more and more. They are looking for people who can see through the chaos”.


Right now the world and market is filled with left-brain thinkers. Right-brain thinkers are desperately needed.

Horses can help teach us how to use the right brain – because that’s where they live. They make us begin to use the right brain and see the big picture. When we do this, we begin to see different solutions to problems. We develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness by working with the horses. Why? They are prey animals and survival depends on the herd working together. When you work with them you become aware on a whole new level. You begin to sense, feel and notice things differently: a whole new way of moving through your world. We have already learned plenty of left-brain thinking. Isn’t it time to learn right-brain thinking too and become whole brain thinkers? The thinkers of the future!

Equiserene Demo Day - 7In an environment where horses are allowed to behave naturally (as opposed to the equine activities we usually see where horses are trained to do things that aren’t natural for them), they will respond only to leaders they trust, and they are always looking to the leader for their own safety. So, who should be trusted and who should be followed? The truth will show up. It is interesting to note that the lead alpha mare of the herd is not determined by size. It is because she has earned the position because of her worthiness and coherent energy. She is very clear in her communication and has wisdom. Qualities necessary to be an effective leader and in the human world as well. The rest of the herd establish the teamwork through trust and respect. Horses are prey animals who’s survival depends on the skills of the herd. They each play their part as a team to protect the whole. This survival also depends on the ability to sense underlying energetic and emotional currents in the environment. Using their keen senses of hearing, smell, the body awareness of their own and of any other living thing around, they detect even the slightest shift from positive to unsafe. Together they keep the herd safe through trust, clarity, commitment and accountability. They are always mindful and in the moment. What wonderful gifts they have to give us.

Trust is mandatory in a relationship with a horse, with a human, or in any relationship. Your teams will learn to trust one another and begin to get more done, more quickly, through mutual support.

Horses can read the slightest gestures of our body language, and are able to sense both conscious and sub-conscious states. When encouraged to do so, they provide a direct window into our inner-consciousness, exposing the authentic self: a state necessary for great leadership, and a huge benefit for working with others. In many people, it has been compromised by teachers, parents, colleagues, life situations and the passage of time. Horses will follow a centered authentic human – others will too. With the horses as models and assistants, we show participants how to lead with their body, their heart and their inner power – with the authentic self!

It helps teach how to approach challenges in a whole-brain way, with more creativity to go beyond the sea of information, and solve issues in an innovating, collaborative way.

Only 7% of human communication is verbal. 93% is non-verbal or right-brain. With horses it is close to 100% non-verbal. Learning non-verbal communication with the horses enhances leadership skills and energizes teamwork success.

Horses are living lie-detectors. They know how we feel and see us as we truly are. They give us honest feedback: in fact they are the perfect feedback machine! They see the real you! If you are not being authentic – they want nothing to do with you.

Some of the many benefitsEquiserene Demo Day - 16

  • Greater understanding
  • Communication skills
  • More self-awareness
  • How to work as a team
  • How to lead with authenticity
  • Giving clear directions

These experiential trainings are unique and cutting-edge. They are extremely successful and have shown to provide long-lasting benefits.

We have highly effective methods that break down barriers and cut through issues that typically do not reveal themselves in a traditional team-building or leadership training environment. The participants experience new levels of communication and trust working as a team or taking the leadership position. You will see the difference.

Join us for experiential interactive goal-oriented activities involving your team and our team, coach and horse. We will uncover where the weaknesses are! Then – through discussions – we shift what is not working into a new plan of action that will work. All of this is done in a SAFE, CARING. POSITIVE, EMPOWERING ENVIRONMENT.

If you are curious about how and what horses are able to teach us, be among the first in your industry to step outside the box of traditional training methods and experience the beneficial and long-lasting results of our equine program.

As a business owner, book a session with me to experience how the horses can impact your business. Keep in mind that you get the benefit of my coaching and our horses’ wisdom – double the coaching. Call us now. 949 439-0100. We look forward to helping resolve your challenges and accelerating your progress. Everything is customized and tailored to your needs.

An experience with a 1000+ pound animal makes a memorable impression! Come experience it for yourself.


“The energy shift that I witnessed in myself and others when working with the horses, will serve me forever.” Michael P.

“Because this training was not information I learned and put in my head, but instead it was something I experienced, I feel the personal power and confidence I gained. I am changed on the inside”. Sharon T.

“The amazing new and unique training with the impact of the power of the horses exceeded expectations”. Charles M.

The Financial Times reports that Michael Brown, an AT Kearney retail strategist in New York, said the day made him think about how he interacts with people. Interacting with a horse made him conscious of the “need to be invited in”. It made him aware of the need to understand others’ viewpoints.