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We are now booking events for the fall in our new Sedona location! Contact Samantha to reserve the time for your event now while there is still some availability. Weekends are filling up quickly.

I also will take private clients, families, & couples. Week days and some weekends available.

Another is November 7th, Women’s Empowerment,  9am – 4pm with lunch included.

More joint ventures with Michelle Lucas, Creating Your Master Path and myself Samantha Marshall, Equiserene which are open to the public.

Dec. 16th – 20th with Equiserene our horse day on Sat the 19th.

Jan. 27th-31st with Equiserene the horse day on Fri. 29th

Feb. 10th – 14th with Equiserene horse day on Fri. 12th

Mar. 8th – 13th with Equiserene horse day on Sat. 12th

Apr. 5th – 10th with Equiserene horse day on Fri, 8th

For info on the horse day email Samantha:

For the entire experience email Michelle:

This a testimonial from one of our participants in our last group:

“There are no words to fully describe this soul-touching experience. The horses’ loving energy melts away walled emotions I’ve held in for far too long. They are genuine and in the moment. This affected my being -encouraging me to do the same. Samantha’s heart and presence are compassionate and she gently leads you into the healing you’re seeking.

She is superbly skilled in guiding you in a safe manner through the issues that are holding you back. In my case, I went into the experience with fear & intimidated feelings where horses are concerned. Those feelings fell away as soon as I approached Nugget and looked into her eyes. This beautiful being gently grabbed my heart, and we had a mutual respect and honor for each other.

By the end of the day I was leading Nugget without a lead line. My confidence soared and I felt unstoppable. A truly life-changing, unforgettable experience I’m so blessed and grateful to have had. All of Samantha’s assistants are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and caring “Wow” is a great way to sum it up!

Julie D – Sunbury, PA






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