Whatever is born or done this moment has the qualities of this moment of time. – Jung

Did you know that horses have their own “Astro-DNA”, just like we do? Well, they do, and you can discover the same kind of information about them as you would about yourself, your child, your mate, friend, co-worker, or anyone you may want to know about. Check out your horse’s Astro DNA to understand her/his temperament and learn how to push the right motivation button to get the best performance. Find out what style of learning your equine friend was born with, how much activity they require and their patience level for discipline. For example, would it be better to have three short training periods and diversion in between? Or one long session and then fun? Are they the athletic type or would they rather just love and be with you? Discover whether he/she is best suited for dressage, polo, long distance trail riding, jumping, parades and pageantry, showing riding, school work, children, helping to heal humans or any other type of activity you may desire.

For example did you know that an Aries horse (late March to early April) or one with the moon in Aries or with a strong Mars in their chart will always want to be in the lead? If you have been on one and tried to make it stay in the pack – or worse yet at the very back – you know what I mean because you will know what a miserable time you’ve had with a fight all the way. And then there is the horse with the Taurus influence (late April through early May) who can’t keep up because it is trying to eat everything it can reach along the way. They are the steady-as-you-go type, normally no surprises. However, the Taurus is a keeper if you like to be schmoozed and are willing to spend lots of time grooming, massaging and always have treats. The point is you need to find your match and get what you are looking for. You can have both of the charts done – yours and the horse’s – then make a better decision. If you already have your partner, you will gain insights to better understand him/her to create a more compatible relationship and establish the desired rapport.

Here’s a question for you – what do think might happen if you keep an Aries (late March to early April), Leo (late July, early August), or Sagittarius (late November to early December) horse cooped up in an small stall day after day? (These are the fire signs: full of energy, and born with a need for adventure and challenge). I have seen horses in stalls that continuously rock back and forth from side to side going crazy with the confinement and boredom. Think they might be a fire sign horse? I understand that horses weren’t meant to be put in stalls for the most part, but the truth is that a Taurus or a Cancer (late June through early July) horse might be quite happy and feel cozy in a stall as long as the temperature was good, it was dry and the food was always delivered on time – with plenty of it to boot.

Or, here’s one for you: how happy do you think a horse with the influence of Libra, the social sign (late September through early October), would be in a pasture by themselves all the time? Probably lonely and sad. These are important things to know if you really care about your horse’s happiness.

If you are thinking of adding a horse to your life or your family or if you already have some, don’t you think it might be better to have the charts done to see what you need to look for to create more harmony for everyone involved? It also can show you what you need to do and what you be needing to provide to make the relationship work out well.

Chart both you and your horse to reveal your connections. Learn when you might have conflicts and in what area, and when there is smooth sailing – I mean riding. Find out how to best communicate with your wise friend – your horse.